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Buy Inflatable Sumo Wrestling Suits !!TOP!!

Sumo wrestling suits are foam padded sumo suits for both adults and kids to have fun with funny sumo wrestling game. Those sumo wrestler suits generally also come with padded helmets and mitts. A sumo mat is required for playing sumo wrestling game, but an inflatable sumo wrestling arena / ring can provide more fun and safety.

buy inflatable sumo wrestling suits

Sumo suits rental services offer a variety of sizes and styles to fit both children and adults. They are made of high-quality materials that are durable and designed to withstand vigorous activity. The rental package usually includes two sumo suits, a padded mat, and a helmet for each participant.

The rental service typically includes delivery, setup, and pickup of the sumo suits, along with all necessary equipment such as helmets and padded mats. Some rental services may also provide an attendant to help with setup and provide instructions on how to use the suits.

Using sumo suits is a safe and fun way to engage in friendly competition and promote physical activity. Participants can take turns trying to knock their opponent out of the ring or simply see who can stay in the ring the longest. It's a hilarious and entertaining activity that's sure to leave guests laughing and having a great time.

Overall, renting sumo suits is a great way to add a unique and entertaining activity to any event. It's a fun and engaging way to promote physical activity and create a memorable experience that guests will remember for years to come.

Sumo Wrestling has been around for 200 years, but our inflatable Sumo wrestling suits have perfected the art! Rivals face off Japanese style in padded body suits! They will wrestle and belly bump each other out of the ring until a final champion is named!

Bonsai! This is the crazy concept our entire company was founded on. Two, otherwise sane people, dress up in over-stuffed, flesh colored, foam-filled sumo suits. Complete with mawashis (diapers) and top knot wigs with helmets.

Sumo Wrestling Suits is one of the most popular interactive rental games in the world. Get whisked into the world of Sumo Wrestling as soon as you step into the huge foam filled suits. This is hilarious fun for participants and spectators alike. These are recommended for kids and adults four foot ten and taller. Nothing makes spectators laugh more than seeing their friends and family sumo wrestling. Bring the camera to take pictures of the participants wearing their sumo outfits.When renting the Sumo Wresting Suits, two volunteers or Fun Ones staff are required to supervise the match. They will help the participants get into the sumo wrestling suits and ensure the participants compete safely. It is recommended the Sumo Wrestling Suits be used indoors or outside when the temperature is seventy degrees or less.

In Sumo Wrestling suits Adults and children compete just like a real sumo wrestlers. For indoor or outdoor use, birthday parties, corporate events and more. These crazy fun sumo suits are designed for pre-teens, teens and adults 48" or taller. Opponents climb into their suit, enter the ring and try to push, pull and shove their way to victory. Always a crowd pleaser and usually the center of attention at any party. This rental includes: 2 x sumo suits 2 x safety helmets 2 x inflatable vests Plastic 3'' padded safety mat Pad Size=13X13

Contestants wear hilarious bright pink sumo mega-suits and wigs, which most spectators agree are worth the price of admission alone! The grotesque grapple ends when a sumo is heaved, bounced or rolled out of the central, padded foam ring. When was the last time you had a good belly laugh?!

Enjoy the Japanese ancient art of sumo wrestling, with a fun twist. Includes mat, suits, and head gear.The Sumos Mats are for all age groups, But if they will be used for Sumo Wrestling then that would depend on their height & if they can fit into a Sumo Wrestler suit. Which should be at least 5' Tall for Adults & at least 4' 6" Tall for Kids or Teens sizes.Actual Size 14'L x 14'W.

Looking for buy sumo wrestling suits in CanadaWe are a leading professional manufacturer of inflatable games from China. We've supply many rental customers take their business to the next level, let them stand out from the crowd, we offer two years warranty for quality, We believe we can beat the price and quality of any competitor in Canada, cheap sumo wrestling suits for sale, and size, color, logo and theme can be customized according to your requirements. please feel free to send inquire to us. We could delivery sumo wrestling suits to Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and most places in Canada. We also supply bouncy castles, inflatables water slides, inflatable obstacle courses, games, tents and so on.

Sumo Wrestling is entertainment that will amuse both spectators and wrestlers. Participants climb into a gigantic foam filled, flesh colored sumo suits that pad and protect the entire body. A referee is needed to start the match and two 400lb competitors push, pull, trip and grab, trying to get their opponent to the floor or push them out of the ring. Each successful try is awarded with a point. The referee keeps score and the first player to reach three points wins! The victorious wrestler whips the crowd into a frenzy by standing on the stomach of the fallen opponent or leaping on top of the defeated wrestler. An announcer can be added to enhance the excitement.

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  • Best Place to Turn JapaneseTexas Sumo Game Rental dnLoadScript(" ", true); Listen up, fatty, you've had a lifetime of hard work hefting longnecks and munching chicken-fried anything, so why not put that well-earned gut to a little use and try your hand at the Japanese art of sumo wrestling? (That is, if you can call two really big guys bumping bellies an art form. We would, at least to the wrestlers' faces.) Thanks to this game-rental company, even svelte folk can get in on the action. Texas Sumo provides padded vinyl fat suits--complete with helmets with top-knots--mats and referees for pretend sumo bouts, popular for birthday parties, corporate gatherings and the occasional church group. (Must come in handy for settling those thorny doctrinal debates.) The company also rents a wide array of inflatable carnival games, climbing walls and such (see But for our money, bumbling around in fat suits promises the most fun--just perfect for that big formal wedding reception.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas

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  • Best Geek OutZeus Toys and Comics dnLoadScript(" ", true); The folks at Zeus have taken issue with our fondness (OK, fetish) for Titan Comics; see only the short piece on its bossman, Jeremy Shorr, to confirm their suspicions. But, see, we love Titan for the comics; it's a fanboy's paradise, a wet dream for those whose erotic fantasies find Power Girl going at it with Black Cat, and meeeeee-ow. Zeus isn't that kind of place, and it just took us awhile to get past that; it's the dork's privilege, if not birthright, to be a little...nitpicky. Actually, we love Zeus, especially come Christmastime or whenever a friend's birthday rolls around; we hang out with people who like comics- and movie-related action figures and board games, and Zeus has plenty, alongside the latest issues of Alias and Detective Comics. We've dropped plenty of coin here on old toys, too--that Captain Kirk doll we had when we were 12, for instance, which now sells for a week's salary (worth every penny...and $20 bill).if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas

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  • Best Place for a Mystery FixTexas Mystery Readers, Borders dnLoadScript(" ", true); Open to the public, this enthusiastic group of mystery readers gathers on the third Sunday of each month (3 p.m. to 5 p.m.) to explore every creepy nook and cranny of the mystery genre. There are visiting authors, book reviewers, collectors, forensic experts and literary agents who drop in to share their expertise and love for a good mystery. The group has been gathering for 10 years and doesn't appear to be anywhere near running out of whodunits to discuss. Admission is free.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas

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  • Best Pet Tarantula EmporiumPet Land dnLoadScript(" ", true); They come in more sizes, colors and hairstyles than your average Deep Ellum clubber. Some even sleep in their own custom-designed, hand-woven silk hammocks. Plus, you can teach them to fetch crickets--available by request.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas

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  • Best Place to Earn the Wages of SinThe Vice Fund dnLoadScript(" ", true); Remind us again: What exactly makes Dallas the "buckle" of the Bible Belt? Granted, when it comes to vice we're no New Orleans--our food isn't nearly that good--but when you consider the availability of nudie bars, porn shops and illicit slots here, it ain't exactly Vatican City either. Case in point: Dallas-based Inc. this summer launched its Vice Fund (, a mutual fund devoted to investing exclusively in tobacco, alcohol, gaming and defense stocks--i.e., the growth industries. We can't speak to the wisdom of their investment strategy, but their honesty, at least, is refreshing.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas

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  • Best Last-Minute Party GroceriesWhole Foods Market dnLoadScript(" ", true); We begrudgingly part with our secret: When we're headed out to a party and don't have time to cook, we stop by Whole Foods, race to the deli, grab a large container of traditional hummus, book it over to the bakery, snatch a large loaf of rustic Italian bread and head for the checkout line. For $10, you get a classier version of potato chips and French onion dip and something less expected than tortilla chips and salsa. Even when we've splurged for the large sizes, we still have never made it back to the car with leftovers. Unless you count smudges of chickpea in the corner of the bowl and a few crumbs in the bag leftovers.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas

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  • Best Toy StoreDallas Museum of Art dnLoadScript(" ", true); Skip the chains and find something unique for your young'un. They have both educational and the just-plain-fun variety of playthings at the museum's colorful store. If you take the tykes, you'll have to steer them clear of the fine blown glass and objets d'art. But you might even inject a little culture into their pea-sized brains at the same time as supplying their expensive toy habits. And isn't that nicer than Barbieland or Gameboy speak?if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas

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  • Best Kids' BookstoreThe Enchanted Forest--Books for Children dnLoadScript(" ", true); It may not have all the amenities of the Big Bs (Borders and Barnes & Noble), but if you parents can defer your double espresso cravings until you get to Starbucks, there's a little shop around the corner that can service your children's literary needs without the faux community atmosphere of one of the book chains. The shop's mom and pop, Jennifer and Will Anglin, know their merchandise, promote local kid writers and entertainers and do much in-store programming such as puppet shows, kid camps and author visits. Although it is truly "of the community"--Lakewood--its stellar reputation has spread throughout the city.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas

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  • Best Place to BeadBeading Dreams dnLoadScript(" ", true); If you've ever found the perfect bracelet, but it just wasn't the right color, or a pair of earrings that matched the new dress you bought, but they weren't the right style, then you know how frustrating jewelry-buying can be. But at Beading Dreams, no such problems exist. Here, you choose the color. You choose the style. You even choose how much each particular piece of jewelry will cost. And you make it yourself. So you not only get a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, but you get the sense of accomplishment that you created it with your own hands. But if your particular hands are more like two left feet, don't worry; Beading Dreams offers classes on everything from basic jewelry-making to stringing on silk to advanced wire wrapping and forming. Classes change with the seasons, though, so call or go by to get a complete schedule.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Dallas2022

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