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Fretboard Road Maps Bass Guitar Pdf Free

The CAGED system works by using common open chord shapes to map out the guitar neck into five distinct sections. It helps simplify the fretboard by revealing the relationship between common open chord shapes and note/interval arrangement on the guitar.

Fretboard Road Maps Bass Guitar Pdf Free

Taking this concept of moveable chord shapes and applying it to a single chord is where the usefulness of the CAGED system is fully realized. This is what maps out the fretboard in a logical way because any given chord can be played all over the fretboard using the CAGED chord forms. Further, each chord shape connects to the previous following a set pattern, CAGED:

In order to best learn the guitar fretboard, we need patterns and shapes that allow us to easily visualize how the notes/intervals are laid out. The CAGED system takes care of this for us. By learning the CAGED system, you can easily visualize the entire fretboard and play in any position on the neck using familiar chord shapes and scale patterns.

Guitar Essentials: Foundational Fretboard Navigation establishes the base knowledge and skills required to navigate the guitar fretboard with ease. Starting with triads and building out to scales, it demonstrates the interrelations between each component and how they map to the guitar fretboard

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